Preloved Tech

Who We are

Preloved Tech is part of TradologyUK Ltd, a commercial recycling company based in Shropshire. TradologyUK Ltd specialises in corporate, commercial and education recycling of technology equipment, secure data destruction and equipment refurbishment. Preloved Tech was formed to focus solely on the consumer market through a dedicated team of skilled staff.

Why recycle with Preloved Tech?

It’s never been more important to look at the ways we dispose of our waste. Gone are the days of throwing any old product into a skip and sending it to landfill, that simply is not an option anymore.

Our primary objectives for recycling technology products is to protect sensitive data and to reduce landfill by promoting an eco-friendly ‘reuse’ program. Many tech products destined for disposal may still have reuse potential with some refurbishment. We evaluate each and every item that passes through our facility for reuse potential, then carry out any necessary refurbishment before giving them a second lease of life.

Our reuse program ensures that over 90% of items are repaired, refurbished and reused instead of going to landfill.  Our positive reuse programme allows us to offer the best values for your tech, money which can be used towards the purchase of your next smartphone, tablet or computer.

Corporate Recycling

If your organisation requires recycling services please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our fully qualified team are on hand to listen to your issues and offer a recycling solution you can rely on.

We start with a relaxed conversation about your needs, your timeframe and your security measures. We adapt our service to suit you and your business and even offer free collections and audits. We supply a data erasure certification for each asset recycled

We make the processes of corporate and education recycling simple and easy, while retaining a high level of professionalism throughout

What Our Customers Are Saying

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