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Frequently Ask Question

We purchase most devices from all the top manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Nokia, LG, OnePlus, Blackberry. If your device isn’t listed, send us an email to learn your recycling price.
There are so many makes, models and types of devices out there that we sadly cant list them all. If you have a device that’s not listed on our website then simply drop us a message with your device info and we will send you a dedicated quote via email.

Once we receive your device it will undergo a aesthetic evaluation to check its condition to make sure the condition matches your choice. Then it will head over to your tech team for a functionality test. If this is passed, your payment will be processed at the original price.

If your device is found to be different to the condition selected, we will adjust your quote and send you a revised price. This is valid for 14 days, and once accepted we make immediate payment. However, if rejected we packed your device and send it back to you free of charge.
Your valuation lasts for 14 days from the date you place your order, subject to your device passing our quality assessment.
We look to assess your device, report any issues, confirm pricing and make payment all within 48 hours of receiving your device. Sometimes, in busy periods, this may extend to 72 hours.
Once you have decided to sell or trade-in your device, we will send you a postage paid shipping label. All you need to do is box up your tech and attached the free shipping label and take it to your local post office. It couldn’t be simpler.
To get the right valuation for your device we need to know its condition. We will ask you to select your devices condition based on a number of set criteria and select between Good, Fair and Faulty. When your tech arrives it will be assessed by our technicians to make sure it matches the condition you selected. We will also run your device through the CheckMEND database to ensure it hasn’t been reported lost or stolen and to check it isn’t locked to an iCloud account, a Samsung account or a Google account.

Its important to make sure you have removed any associated accounts from your handsets before sending them in to us. Although we put every device through our data destruction platform, there are certain accounts that we can not remove due to security as follows:

Apple: iPhones are tied to their owners iCloud account which are password protected, and only the owner is able to accesses it and remove it. Therefore, when selling or trading in your Apple devices you need to ensure you back up all your own data then remove your AppleID and iCloud account is removed from the device. Click Here for a guide on how to remove your iCloud account from an Apple device

Andriod: Please make sure you have logged out of your Google account before sending in your device so that it does not enter into FRP mode when resetting.

We are able to pay you more money for an unlocked handset compared to a device locked to specific network. Unlocking your phone will help you get more bang for your buck, and if you’ve finished your contract for that phone then you should be able to get it unlocked for free.

Yes we do, we use MobiWIPE which is one of the best mobile data wiping solutions available to fully remove all your personal data from the device to GDPR standards.

However, we still need you to remove your AppleID and log out of your iCloud account on Apple devices and remove your Google and Samsung accounts on Android devices before sending them in to us. Devices received that have iCloud, Samsung and Google accounts still logged in may need to be returned.

We can not take phones that have been reported lost or stolen. All devices are checked against the CheckMEND database which provides a history fo your account. Any found to be blacklisted will not be accepted.
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