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1.0 Meaning of these Terms & Conditions

1.1        Please ensure that you have carefully read these Terms and Conditions before submitting your items for sale to PreLoved Tech.

1.2        While you can view these Terms and Conditions on our website at any time, we also recommend that you retain a copy for your records.

1.3        By ticking the box to ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’ when completing your transaction, you confirm that you have read, accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

1.4        If you do not accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions, unfortunately you will be unable to sell your items to PreLoved Tech.

2.0 Grading Explained


·        Device works as it should. It powers on/off, charges and is fully functional with no damage or faults

·        Have a fully working operating system (software)

·        Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be pink/red)

·        Fully functioning display. It will have no cracks or deep scratches, not smashed, no pixel damage or dead pixels, no screen burn, white spots or discolouration.

·        Case/Housing is not bent, damaged or broken. There will be no cracks, chips or heavy dents

·        Include its battery

·        Battery is in good health with a battery health percentage above 90% (Apple only)

·        Touch ID, FaceID, Fingerprint sensors, NFC and home button are fully working where applicable

·        Device is not blacklisted, counterfeit, rooted or jailbroken

·        Where applicable stylus must be included

·        All accounts have been removed e.g. AppleID, Google Account, Samsung Account etc.



·        Device works as it should, charges with a fully working charge port and powers on/off

·        Have a fully working operating system (software)

·        Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be pink/red)

·        Display is fully functioning but may have heavy scratches, chips or a crack but must not be smashed

·        The LCD has no bright pixels, bright spots, screen burn or discolouration

  • Casing may have signs of wear, including small dents or chips but is not bent or broken. 

·        Touch ID, FaceID, Fingerprint sensor, NFC and home button are fully working where applicable

·        Battery is in poor health with a battery health percentage between 80% to 90% (Apple only)

·        Device is not blacklisted, counterfeit, rooted or jailbroken

·        Where applicable stylus may be missing

·        All accounts have been removed e.g. AppleID, Google Account, Samsung Account etc.



·        Device powers on but may have a serious fault, e.g. charge issue,software failure, no service, faulty sensor etc.

·        Screen may be smashed or touchscreen unresponsive

·        Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be pink/red)

·        LCD may have bright spots, screen burn, pixel damage/dead pixels, white spots or discolouration

·        Device may have faulty TouchID, FaceID, fingerprint sensor, NFC or home button

·        Battery health is critical, with a battery health below 80% (Apple only)

·        Battery requires a service, regardless of battery health % – this will be shown in the settings, battery menu (Apple tablets only)

·        Not have any missing parts or components, is bent or snapped in half

·        Device is not blacklisted, counterfeit, rooted or jailbroken

·        Where applicable stylus may be missing

·        All accounts have been removed e.g. AppleID, Google Account, Samsung Account etc.

3.0 Getting your device ready to ship to PreLoved Tech

3.1        Removal of security features:-


We do not
accept any device with an active security feature.


This includes:

·        iOS devices which have not been removed from iCloud, have Find my iPhone turned on or are subject to any other iOS security feature. 

·        Samsung devices with Find My Phone activated

·        Any other device with an active google account


For help to remove these features please visit how it work

If you send us an item which has any of these security features present, we will inform you viaemail giving you the opportunity to remove these features remotely. If the security features are not removed remotely within 5 working days of notification your item will be returned to you and the sale will be cancelled.




3.2        Personal Data, SIM Cards & Removal storage media

 It is highly recommended that you delete all personal data/information stored on your device before sending to PreLoved Tech. This includes but is not limited to passwords, images, emails etc.

 Please also remove your SIM card, any removal storage media such as memory cards etc. from your device before sending to PreLoved Tech.

We accept no liability for any charges that are incurred as a result of sending a SIM card with your device.

Should any data be left on/in the device, PreLoved Tech accepts no responsibility for any claims, losses or damages arising in relation to the security, protection, confidentiality or use of personal data.

It is your responsibility to ensure all personal data is removed from the device before sending to PreLoved Tech and that all items such as SIM cards and memory storage are removed from the device before shipping.

All data, including data on the device, SIM cards and memory storage devices, will be destroyed responsibly in line with GDPR regulations.

SIM card and Memory storage devices are non-returnable.



3.3        Cancellation of Contracts

 You are responsible for cancelling any contracts linked to each device. PreLoved Tech accepts no responsibility for any call costs arising before, or after, receipt of your device.

4.0 Shipping your item to Pre-Loved Tech

4.1        Once you have submitted your online sale request you will receive an email containing full details of your order, your order reference number to be quoted in all correspondence, a link to our royal mail returns portal to create your free, prepaid royal mail tracked 48 shipping label and a shipping guide detailing how to send your item(s) to PreLoved Tech.  We will also send you a free postage pack containing a shipping bag, shipping guide and a printed copy of your bespoke prepaid royal mail tracked 48 shipping label.

4.2        You are required to take your package to any royal mail post office where your item will be scanned into the system and you will be provided with a proof of postage receipt as proof of your drop off which will also contain your tracking number enabling you to track your parcel until it is received by PreLoved Tech.

4.3        Please note the maximum insurance using this service is £100. If your item(s) are valued above £100 it is recommended that you purchase a fully insured service such as Royal Mail Special Delivery and retain proof of postage should you need to make a claim.

4.4        It is your responsibility to ensure your
item(s) are fully insured for loss before they reach PreLoved Tech.

4.5        It is your responsibility to ensure your items are securely packaged to prevent damage in transit. PreLoved Tech accepts no liability for any damage/losses due to inadequately packaged items.


5.0 Quality Assurance and Testing

5.1        When we receive your device(s) we will perform a series of checks and quality assurance tests to ensure it meets our terms and conditions and the grading criteria you
confirmed at checkout. The process will include the following steps: –

·        Check the device isn’t locked to an icloud, Samsung or google account

·        A blacklist check to ensure the phone is free from any contract, isn’t registered as lost or stolen

·        A full test of functionality and cosmetic grading

5.2        If we find your device does not align with the grading you confirmed at checkout, we will send you a revised valuation together with the reason for that revaluation.

5.3        You have 5 working days to accept or reject the revised offer as outlined in the email. The 5 working days begins when the email detailing your revised offer is sent to you.

5.4        You must accept or reject the offer by replying to the email before the deadline elapses. If you fail to respond to the revised offer this will be deemed as acceptance and your revised offer payment will be processed to your nominated account.

5.5        Should you choose to reject the revised offer within the 5 working days we will return your item(s) to the address registered on your PreLoved Tech account free of charge.

5.6        Please note that PreLoved Tech cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of emails due to an incorrect email address being provided or as a result of spam email or junk

5.7        If our checks identify that the item you have sent to PreLoved Tech has a red flag showing as blacklisted, registered as lost, stolen, blocked or barred we will notify you by email and will quarantine the device whilst we contact the relevant authorities.

5.8        You will have 28 days to contact CheckMEND who will provide you will advice on how to prove you have legal ownership of the device. During this quarantine period we cannot send your device back to you or make any payments.

5.9        We will recheck the device at the end of the 28-day quarantine period and if the red flag remains on the device we are legally required to dispose of the device. We accept no liability or responsibility for rejecting your Item or not returning your Item to you in these circumstances.

6.0 Guaranteed Valuation Period

6.1        All PreLoved Tech valuations are valid for 21 days. If your item(s) are received after this expires, we may revalue your item due to market fluctuations. In the event this results in a change to the value of your item we will contact you by email at which point you will be subject to the revised offer process outlined above.

7.0 Receiving Your Payment

7.1        If your device(s) passes the quality assurance processes and matches the grading you confirmed at checkout, we will issue payment to your nominated account within 2 working days of receiving your device(s).

7.2        Payments will only be made to the account details provided during checkout. You are responsible for ensuring the payment details are accurate, should you identify any issues you must notify us at as soon as possible prior to any payment being made. PreLoved Tech accepts no responsibility for any payment related issues that arise as a result of incorrect payment details being provided.

7.3        PreLoved Tech will not be liable for any losses that you may suffer if you fail to receive payment as a result of you providing incorrect account or recipient details during the checkout process and not notifying us of the error before payment is attempted.

7.4        Any discrepancies must be reported to us via email at within 30 days of the payment date. Please remember to include your order number.

7.5        All items are purchased using the VAT margin scheme as per the HMRC used goods VAT rules.

8.0 Events outside of our Control

8.1        PreLoved Tech cannot be held responsible for any failure or delay to fulfil our obligations as outlined in these terms and conditions as a result of any events outside of our reasonable control.

9.0 Complaints Procedure

9.1        All complaints must be submitted using the following channels: –

·        by email to

·        In writing to Customer Services Department, PreLoved Tech, Unit 7, Trench Lock 3, Sommerfield Road, Telford, TF1 5ST

To support the complaint, you must provide: –

·        Your full name and contact details

·        Your order number

·        Detail the nature of the complaint in as much detail as possible

·        Any supporting material for the complaint e.g. communications received, photos etc.

You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint within 2 working days of receipt to your nominated email address. If your communication preference is postal please note this may take longer.

All complaints will be fully investigated by our customer services team who will aim to resolve your complaint within 14 working days. During this time, we aim to keep you fully updated on the progress of our investigation.

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