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Why Choose Preloved Tech?

Just a few reasons why people chose to recycle, sell or trade-in their device with us!

Price Lock

When we quote a price, that’s what you get. No surprises, just a good price for your device.

Quick Payment

There is no waiting weeks for your payment. As soon as we receive your device and give it a check over, we will send your money within 24 hours.

No Hidden Costs

Your money won’t get diluted because of “unforeseen” costs.

Free Postage

It won’t cost you a penny to send us your device.

Speedy Service

When you send us your device we’ll keep you posted every step of the way.

Save The World

Our services are great for the environment.  By selling your device to us it means another phone doesn’t end up in landfill.

Sell Your Tech

Recycle, sell or trade-in your unwanted tech for great prices

What Our Customers Are Saying

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